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Jambs, Frames & Moulding

Interior & Exterior Jambs

Jambs surround your interior or exterior door to provide stability, security, and aesthetic appeal. Rugby offers a variety of jamb materials so that you can match your interior decorative elements and reduce moisture infiltration on exterior door systems. Paint grade, softwood, hardwood, or composite… we have the jamb for the protection you need, the look you want, and the price that makes sense.

Hemlock Mouldings

Rugby stocks a wide variety of hemlock mouldings in the Pacific North West.  One unique feature of hemlock is that it can be stained to look like a number of different wood species; Alder, Cherry, or even Oak. Our moulding is all profile sanded, and because it is a local specie and comes in long lengths, it allows us to cut 12’ and longer which helps keep the shorts to a minimum.

Primed & Raw Fingerjoint Mouldings

Mouldings are one of the little things you can add to your home that gives you instant gratification as well as increasing the value of your home. Rugby presents a paint-grade primed or raw finger-jointed moulding line to do just that. Distinguish your home from any other, and check out all your options.

MDF Moulding

Made from the finest moulding grade MDF available on the market and produced from North American forest by-product, Rugby is proud to present MDF moulding and S4S Boards. Our MDF moulding and boards are primed with the highest quality and durable primer finish with a two coat system. You get the quality you expect and can count on profiles matching up time after time.