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Door Hardware

Door Hardware

Weatherstrip & Sweeps

Schlegel offers a superior performance foam weatherstrip that is comprised from a highly engineered embossed polyethylene liner with resilient urethane open-celled foam. Weatherstrip, together with door bottoms, are a key factor in any exterior prehung door as it makes the difference in how effectively the inside of your home is protected from the outside elements. It provides weather protection and resistance to drafts, rain, snow, dust, noise, heat, cold and wear.

Astragals & Mull Posts

The Ultimate Astragal from Endura is the ultimate French Door Solution. You no longer have to worry about poor performance from your French door systems. The patented three-point sealing system between the active door, sill and inactive door eliminate water and air filtration that is so common with other systems.
Mull posts allow you to create the system you want with a variety of one piece mull options. Mull posts allow a continuous head and sill system whether you have a single door with one sidelite or two sidelite. Mull posts add stability and protection from outside elements

Multi-Point Astragal

Endura’s Multi Point Astragal is an innovative and cost-effective solution for protecting against air and water infiltration and reducing deflection in new or existing double door units. The Multi-Point features patent pending lock paws activated by the deadbolt to engage keepers in the active door, providing three locking points.
It’s easy to use, easy to install and requires limited machining. Available in a variety of finishes and veneers, and the Astragal works with most standard door hardware, making it is as versatile as it is functional!

Door Sills

Rugby is proud to offer Endura sills, with the widest variety and best protection available. Endura sills are available in a variety of finishes including bronze, brass, mill finish aluminum, and nickel. Whether you are looking for a standard sill, a Z-Series Composite sill, or something that is ADA compliant, Rugby and Endura have the answer.


Rugby offers a wide selection of hinges for commercial and residential applications. Our hinges are constructed with the finest material available. We provide quality hinges at a competitive price with unsurpassed service.

Multi Point Locks

W&F multi-point hardware provides more than just security; it offers homeowners better door closure and sealing than a single point lock. Security and functionality are paramount when choosing door hardware and you will find both with W&F Trilennium, a truly innovative multi-point locking system.

Bifold/Bypass Track & Hardware

From standard doors to custom doors, Rugby stocks a variety of bypass or bifold track and hardware to make any opening more accessible. Our residential hardware line is versatile and of the highest quality available, while remaining extremely cost effective.

Pocket Door Frames & Hardware

Where a “traditional” swinging door takes up valuable floor and wall space, Pocket Door Frames literally “fit right in” to solve room planning problems. Rugby features two types of Pocket Door Frames. These include Knock Down Adjustable Pocket Door Frames or our very own prebuilt Wood Pocket Door Frames. Both frames are easy to install, space saving, and very cost effective.