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Composite Panels

Particleboard (flakeboard, chipboard) is the ideal substrate for applications requiring significant tinsel strength. In most cases it is overlaid either with veneer, melamine, high pressure laminate or vinyl. However it also accepts paint well. Rugby stocks a comprehensive array of particleboard including industrial, fire retardant, commercial, CARB compliant (California), NAUF and FSC certified. Our particleboard product line is supplied by various mill sources located throughout the U.S. that best reflect regional customer core preferences. For additional information regarding particleboard’s performance and availability please contact your local Rugby distribution center.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product formed by breaking down hardwoods and/or softwoods into wood fiber, combining these with a resin and forming it into a mat. In some cases, through additional refining of the fibers often referred to as dual, double or super refined MDF, a higher quality board is manufactured. The result is a homogeneous panel that has a smooth paintable edge which can be easily machined and finished to the same quality and appearance as its surface. MDF is an excellent substrate for veneers and laminates, and is consistent in strength and size.

MDF is made from 100% recycled wood content and is available in a no added urea formaldehyde (NAUF), Ultra-lite and fire retardant formats. All MDF distributed by Rugby is CARB certified (California). Specific locations also stock FSC and NAUF certified MDF products. Contact your local distribution center for availability of all MDF products.

Melamine overlay panels are made up of resin saturated decorative papers that are thermally fused under heat and pressure to a substrate of particleboard, MDF or in unique applications, plywood. This process permanently bonds the paper to the board making it virtually impossible to delaminate. The melamine paper is resistant to staining, heat, scratching, chipping and excessive wear. Melamine panels perform like high pressure laminate at a substantially reduced cost.

Rugby stocks various solid and woodgrain colors of melamine from the best laminators in the U.S. We have access to most HPL laminate colors and many custom colors available from the largest thermofused paper suppliers known worldwide. Most stocked substrates for melamine panels are on particleboard. Many of our locations stock a limited quantity of melamine on MDF and plywood substrates. Any and all colors can be manufactured to order on either particleboard, MDF or plywood cores. Samples of our STOCK colors are available through your local Rugby sales representative or distribution center.

All substrates are CARB compliant (California) and are also available with no added urea formaldehyde (NAUF), stocked locally or available through special order. Rugby is FSC Certified (# SCS COC-001211) and stocks a limited array of FSC Certified melamine panels through various distribution points.

In addition to the products referred to above, Rugby also offers the following additional composite panel products:

  • Hardboard-standard and tempered, S1S and S2S
  • MDF Beadboard
  • MDF Slotwall
  • Vinyl overlay panels-both on particleboard and MDF
  • Cold rolled melamine
  • Primed and/or painted particleboard and MDF
  • Custom HPL laminated panels

Not all composite panel products are offered in all Rugby locations. Consult your nearest Rugby Distribution Center for specific product availability.