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Rugby supplies every type of adhesive used for laminating wood products, decorative laminate, edge-banding, metals, FRP, tile board and a wide range of other related products. These adhesives, manufactured by the leading experts in the industry, adhere wood, laminate, edge-banding, metal and FRP to wood and other surfaces. Additional bonding can be made with drywall, cement board and tile board depending upon the adhesive you choose. The type of adhesive used is determined by the application, open time required and the substrate being adhered to. Rugby’s extensive offering of adhesive includes:

  • Contact Cement
    • Solvent & Water Based
    • Flammable & Non Flammable
    • Low VOC
    • Packaged in: Canister, Pail, Drum or Aerosol Can
    • Brush, Roller or Spray Grade
  • Solvents, Cleaners and Thinners
  • Wood Glue, PVA and Melamine Adhesive
  • Hot Melt, Glue Sticks and Construction Adhesive
  • FRP and Tile Board Adhesive
  • Adhesive Accessories: Guns, Hoses, Tips, Roller Frames and Covers

Not all adhesive products are offered in all Rugby locations. Contact your nearest Rugby Distribution Center for specific product availability.